About Us


When Traditional Medicine Fails

A variety of techniques we use are proven throughout multiple studies.  Our approach to Integrative Medicine combines multiple testing and treatment options through traditional and non-traditional methods.  We respect a patient's right to know about and choose alternative options when traditional medicine fails. 


About the Physicians

Dr. David Rohrer, MD, and Dr. Kim Lyons, DC, ND combine decades of experience in Integrative Family Medicine, Chiropractics, and Naturopathic Medicine to provide an Integrative approach to treating a variety of conditions. Through traditional and holistic methods, patients are given safe and effective treatment options for acute and chronic conditions.  


About our Team


Our doctors and team of nurses and ancillary staff are very compassionate in what we do.  We are all like family and many of our patients feel as though they become part of our friends and family network, as they often network with each other as well.